icon2-mission Mission

To advance the self-determination of signing Deaf communities through local capacity building in developing countries.

icon2-vision Vision

Recognizing that people who are Deaf or hard of hearing have the same human rights as those who are not Deaf, DDW envisions a global community of sign language users who can acquire an education, pursue a career, and live a life that is comparable to that of their non-Deaf peers. DDW envisions itself as a positive catalyst for change in partnership with signing Deaf communities in developing countries.

icon2-guiding Guiding Values

DDW holds these values to be central to its mission:

  • Focusing DDW’s resources and efforts on Deaf and hard of hearing communities where we can have the greatest impact;
  • Utilizing a collaborative, capacity-building approach to support programs established within local Deaf and hard of hearing communities;
  • Valuing sign language as a natural right for Deaf people, while respecting the right of an individual to choose their preferred communication modality;
  • Preserving indigenous sign languages, which reflect the cultures in which they are rooted;
  • Recognizing that all people, regardless of their social or economic background, possess the capacity to succeed, and deserve equal access to education, the workplace, and the benefits that society has to offer;
  • Promoting the full range of human diversity in language and culture.
  • Adhering to the guiding principles delineated in Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; and
  • Following the guidelines listed in the World Federation of the Deaf policy statement, "Work Done by Member Organisations in Developing Countries"