ChristySmith2 Christy Smith

Christy Smith is a co-founder of Discovering Deaf Worlds. During DDW's 2007-2008 World Tour, she connected with over 100 deaf associations, schools and non-profit organizations and interviewed community leaders in eight countries.  Smith co-directed DDW’s first documentary, Discovering: Shuktara and has served as a volunteer coordinator for Shuktara.

 Originally from Basalt, CO, Smith graduated from Gallaudet University with a B.A. in Criminology and Sociology.  After surviving 33 out of 39 days as a contestant on CBS's Survivor: The Amazon (2003), she became a well known role model to the deaf community.  Smith directed and co-produced a children's television show called Christy's Kids: Challenge Yourself, and has visited over 100 schools and organizations across North America as a motivational speaker.  She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Secondary Education at the Rochester Institute of Technology.