Alim_Chandani  Alim Chandani

Board Memeber

Dr. Chandani, born in Mumbai, has been working in the field of international development and social entrepreneurship since 2007, when he founded and became Executive Director of Global Reach Out Initiative, Inc. (GRO), a global non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has connected over 1,000 deaf individuals worldwide through cross-cultural educational delegations and empowerment workshops.

At Gallaudet University, Dr. Chandani is promoting social entrepreneurship by teaching classes on the topic, as well as mentoring student initiatives such as the Boomerang Café on campus, the ThinkBizScholar student entrepreneurship organization, and sponsoring an annual student business plan competition. Their ultimate goal is to establish a culture of student entrepreneurship and innovation on Gallaudet University’s campus and to partner with the world-renowned Ashoka Foundation to make Gallaudet a Changemaker institution.

Dr. Chandani’s research interests also include assessing the quality of educational services for deaf students at universities in India, and facilitating opportunities for them to gain the confidence and skills necessary for successful careers post-matriculation. Dr. Chandani obtained his doctorate in Administration and Supervision in Special Education from Gallaudet University in April 2013. Currently, Dr. Chandani is a Student Success Specialist coordinating the peer mentorship program for first year students at Gallaudet University.