sarchet Thomastine A. Sarchet
Board Member

Thomastine A. Sarchet is a Research Associate Professor at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Teaching and Curriculum at the University of Rochester.  Her research focuses on international partnerships for deaf education development projects. 

Sarchet was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA then relocated to Rochester, NY to pursue her undergraduate degree.  While studying at RIT, Sarchet gained her first exposure to Deaf Culture and sign language.  After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, she decided to shift her career to work with the deaf community.  Sarchet has served in a number of capacities at the university such as Vocational Rehabilitation coordinator, C-Print® captionist, and new-hire trainer for deaf employees.  Each of these career moves led Sarchet toward earning her Master of Science degree in Secondary Education at NTID.  While pursuing her master’s degree she also began working as a research associate for the Center for Education Research Partnerships, and NTID Center of Excellence, focused on promoting research collaborations in deaf education, both nationally and internationally.  Her research interests include academic achievement and socio-emotional outcomes for deaf and hard-of-hearing college students.  As a research associate, Sarchet also became interested in bridging research to practice and making it more accessible to teachers; especially in developing countries.

Since 2011, Sarchet has been part of the Pre-College Education Network, an international grant project funded by the Nippon Foundation of Japan.  This project was established to positively influence the implementation and development of secondary level deaf education programs in the ASEAN Region.  In her role as Associate Director, Sarchet coordinates various aspects of operations and activities between partner organizations across the multi-national network.  Sarchet has significant experience in leading project development and implementation to meet the unique needs of each partner organization.   She has conducted workshops and courses to teachers in various education settings.  She is also responsible for recruiting and supervising other consultants to lead specialized trainings in each country.  She is also leading efforts to improve recruitment of deaf international students to study at NTID.  In addition to these projects, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses as well as mentors graduate students for their capstone projects.