pic-odPrimarily focused in developing countries, this is the heart of DDW’s work.  DDW serves as a facilitator, allowing local leaders and Deaf advocacy organizations an opportunity to assess their community’s needs and the resources they have at hand. After this assessment, DDW provides organizational development training on fundraising, leadership and team building, recordkeeping, project development and assessment, and public relations to the local community, enhancing the skills of its members and their ability to operate their projects. 

DDW’s intrinsic philosophy is as follows: we will work in partnership with our colleagues in selected countries to realize their goals and objectives, and most importantly, we will impose no solutions. In effect, we will work collaboratively to find solutions that meet local/national needs identified by community leaders. In contrast to the “medical model” of d/Deafness, DDW’s support of the cultural and linguistic identity of Deafness is most consistent with upholding the personal dignity of Deaf people.

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